sodium copper chlorophyllin powder

Appearance: Dark green powder
CAS Number:11006-34-1
Color value:568nm
Extinction ratio:3.0-4.0
Source:Mulberry leaves/clover
Standard:GB 26406-2011
FDA Registered Factory
Gluten free,no Allergen,Non-GMO
Paraben free,No Colors, BSE/TESE Free
HACCP ISO22000 Certified
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What is sodium copper chlorophyllin powder

Pioneer is a professional manufacturer and supplier of sodium copper chlorophyllin powder. We are dedicated to providing high-quality products with certifications such as ISO9001, HALAL, KOSHER, and FDA. Our company supports OEM services, ensuring fast delivery, secure packaging, and comprehensive testing.

Sodium copper chlorophyllin powder is a dark green powder. It is extracted from natural green plants, such as mulberry leaves, clover, alfalfa, bamboo and other plants. It is extracted with organic solvents such as acetone, methanol, ethanol, petroleum ether, etc., and contains copper ions. We replace the magnesium ion in the center of chlorophyll and saponify it with alkali while production. The carboxyl group formed after removing the methyl and phytol groups becomes disodium salt. Therefore, Sodium copper chlorophyllin powder is a semi-synthetic pigment.

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Chemical Composition

Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin98%
Other Ingredients2%


AppearanceDark green powder
Color value [ ( 405nm±3nm)]≥568
Extinction Ratio3.0-4.0
Lead (mg/kg)≤5.0
Arsenic (mg/kg)≤2.0
Loss on drying w/%≤5.0
Total copper (Cu) w/%≤8.0
Free copper w/%≤0.025


1.Sodium copper chlorophyllin powder can be used as a pharmaceutical raw material and an edible colorant, it is widely used in pastries, beverages, candies, ice cream and other foods;

2. It can be used as a daily chemical raw material, it is widely used in various green pharmaceutical toothpastes and cosmetics.


1. Hepatoprotective. Sodium copper chlorophyllin powder has a significant antioxidant effect, which can help the liver protect human cells from free radicals and oxidative stress attacks, reduce liver burden, and can also revitalize liver reticuloendothelial cells. It can promote the recovery of liver function and enhance the resistance of liver cell function;

2. Prevent leukopenia and anemia. The causes of leukopenia are complex, and their indications often require symptomatic treatment, and the improvement of sodium copper chlorophyllin powder is universal. According to incomplete statistics, the effectiveness of sodium copper chlorophyllin powder in clinical trials is as high as over 80%;

3. Repair ulcers and wounds. It is quickly absorbed into the human body, can promote the metabolism of body cells, and has a significant effect on body repair.

4. Anti-mutation. It has an inhibitory effect on the activity of various mutagens such as benzopyrene. It can also increase cell activity, increase the phagocytosis capacity of macrophages, and improve the body's ability to resist mutations.

OEM Services

1.Custom Formulations:

Pioneer may work with other companies to develop custom formulations of chlorophyllin sodium copper salt based on the specific requirements and applications of the client.

2.Private Labeling:

OEM services may include private labeling, where Pioneer manufactures sodium copper chlorophyllin powder that is then packaged and labeled with the branding of the purchasing company.

3.Packaging Options:

Pioneer might offer various packaging options to suit the needs of the client. This could include bulk packaging or packaging in specific quantities and formats.

4.Quality Control and Assurance:

Pioneer may implement rigorous quality control measures to ensure that It meets the specifications and standards required by the client.

5.Regulatory Compliance:

As part of their OEM services, Pioneer may ensure that It complies with relevant regulatory standards and guidelines in the industry or region.


  1. What is the shelf life of wholesale sodium copper chlorophyllin powder?
    The shelf life is approximately two years when stored in a cool and dry place.

  2. Is it safe for consumption?
    Yes, it is considered safe for consumption when used in accordance with the recommended dosage.

  3. Can it be used in vegan products?
    Yes, it is suitable for vegan formulations as it is derived from natural sources and does not contain animal-derived ingredients.

  4. Is it water-soluble?
    Yes, it is highly soluble in water, making it easy to incorporate into various formulations.

In conclusion

Pioneer is proud to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of sodium copper chlorophyllin powder. Our commitment to quality, certifications, and excellent customer service sets us apart in the industry. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and place an order. If you wish to purchase it, please contact our sales team at

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