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What is pterostilbene powder

Pterostilbene powder is a salutary supplement deduced from pterostilbene, a natural emulsion set up in certain shops. Pterostilbene is a stilbenoid, which is a type of phytoalexin — a natural emulsion produced by shops in response to stress or injury. Pterostilbene is structurally analogous to resveratrol, another well- known phytoalexin set up in red grapes.Chemical 


Other Polyphenols2%


buy pterostilbene powder98% purity


1.Dietary Supplements:

Pterostilbene is commonly used in the production of dietary supplements. It may be encapsulated or included in tablet and capsule formulations for individuals seeking the potential health benefits associated with the compound.


Pterostilbene is often utilized in the nutraceutical industry. Nutraceutical products are foods or supplements that provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition.

3.Research and Development:

Researchers and product developers may use pterostilbene bulk powder from Pioneer Biotech for various experiments and studies exploring the compound's properties and potential applications.

4.Sports Nutrition Products:

Pterostilbene might be included in sports nutrition products due to its potential benefits in terms of antioxidant support and overall well-being.


It has many potential health benefits, including:

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Improved cognitive function

  • Lowered blood sugar levels

  • Reduced risk of heart disease

  • Antioxidant and anti-cancer properties

OEM Services

1.Custom Formulations:

Pioneer Biotech may work with clients to develop custom formulations of it based on specific concentrations, blends, or other factors specified by the client.

2.Private Labeling:

OEM services often include private labeling, allowing the client to brand the pterostilbene bulk with their own labels and packaging.

3.Custom Packaging:

Pioneer Biotech might offer various packaging options as part of their OEM services. This could include bulk packaging, specific quantities, or unique packaging formats based on the client's needs.

4.Quality Control and Assurance:

As part of OEM services, Pioneer Biotech may implement rigorous quality control measures to ensure that It meets the specifications and standards required by the client.

5.Regulatory Compliance:

Pioneer Biotech may ensure that It produced under OEM services complies with relevant regulatory standards and guidelines in the industry or region where the end product will be sold.


Pioneer Biotech's OEM services may include the ability to scale production based on the volume requirements of the client. This is important for companies with varying production needs.

7.Technical Support:

Pioneer Biotech may provide technical support as part of their OEM services, assisting the client in integrating buy pterostilbene powder into their specific applications or formulations.


Pioneer Biotech may uphold confidentiality agreements to protect the intellectual property and proprietary information of the client, especially if they are developing custom formulations.

9.Consistent Supply:

Pioneer Biotech, through OEM services, may commit to providing a consistent and reliable supply of it to meet the production needs of the client.


1.Can it Be Customized for Specific Formulations?

If Pioneer Biotech offers custom formulations or OEM services, details on how it can be customized based on client requirements.

2.What Sets Pioneer Biotech Apart in Pterostilbene Manufacturing?

Information on the company's commitment to quality, sourcing practices, and any unique features of their pterostilbene bulk.

3.What Dosage of it is Recommended?

Guidelines on the recommended dosage for different applications and user demographics.

About Pioneer Biotech

Pioneer Biotech is a leading manufacturer and supplier of it. We are ISO9001, HALAL, KOSHER, and FDA certified, and we take pride in producing high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers.

We offer fast delivery, secure packaging, and testing services to ensure the quality of our products. Over 80% of our products have been exported to countries and regions such as the United States, European Union, South America, and Southeast Asia.

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