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What is chitosan bulk

Chitosan bulk is a protean natural polymer deduced from chitin, primarily set up in the shells of crustaceans similar as shrimp and cranks. It has gained significant attention in colorful diligence due to its unique parcels and wide range of operations.

Chemical Composition

Chitosan≥ 90%
Protein≤ 2%
Ash≤ 2%
Moisture≤ 10%


AppearanceWhite to off-white powder
Viscosity≥ 20 mPa·s
Deacetylation Degree≥ 85%
Molecular Weight20,000 - 1,000,000 Da

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1.Fabric Finishing: 

It is used as a finishing agent for textiles to provide antimicrobial properties and improve fabric strength.

2.Biodegradable Films and Coatings:

It can be used to produce biodegradable films and coatings for various purposes, including packaging materials.

3.Metal Recovery:

It can be employed in metal recovery processes due to its ability to bind with metal ions.

4.Membrane Filtration:

Chitosan powder bulk based membranes can be used in filtration processes.

5.Drug Delivery:

It is used to encapsulate drugs, enabling controlled release and targeted drug delivery.

6.Wound Healing:

It has hemostatic properties and can be used in wound dressings to promote blood clotting and accelerate wound healing.

7.Skin Care Products :

It is used in cosmetics and particular care products for its moisturizing and skin- exertion parcels.


1.Hemostatic Properties:

Chitosan bulk has hemostatic properties, meaning it promotes blood clotting. This makes it useful in wound dressings and medical applications where controlling bleeding is crucial.

2.Adsorption Capability:

Pure chitosan powder has the ability to adsorb or bind with various substances, including heavy metals and dyes. This property is exploited in water treatment processes, where chitosan can help remove impurities from water.

3.Film-Forming Ability:

It can form films and coatings, providing a protective barrier. This is utilized in applications such as food packaging, where chitosan films can act as natural, biodegradable alternatives to traditional packaging materials.

4.Chelating Agent:

It can act as a chelating agent, binding with metal ions. This property is valuable in metal recovery processes and industrial applications where removal or recovery of metal contaminants is necessary.

OEM Services

1.Customized Formulations:

It suppliers may provide OEM services by offering customized formulations of chitosan powder bulk to meet the specific requirements of clients. This could include modifications in terms of particle size, degree of deacetylation, and other characteristics.

2.Quality Control and Testing:

3.OEM services may encompass rigorous quality control measures and testing procedures to ensure that the supplied it meets the specified standards and is suitable for the intended applications. This is especially important in industries where product quality is critical.

4.Technical Support and Consultation:

It suppliers offering OEM services might provide technical support and consultation to help clients integrate it into their manufacturing processes effectively. This could involve guidance on optimal usage, compatibility with other materials, and troubleshooting.

5.Regulatory Compliance:

OEM services may include assistance in navigating regulatory requirements and ensuring that It supplied complies with relevant standards and regulations. This is particularly important in industries such as pharmaceuticals and food, where regulatory compliance is stringent.


Q:Can it be customized for specific applications?

A:Yes, It can be customized in terms of particle size, degree of deacetylation, and other characteristics to suit specific applications. Some suppliers offer OEM services to provide tailored solutions.

Q:Are there any safety concerns with it?

A:It is generally considered safe, but individual sensitivities can vary. It's important to ensure that it used in products complies with relevant regulatory standards.

Q:How is it supplied to industries?

A:It is supplied in various forms, including powder, flakes, and solutions. Some suppliers offer OEM services, providing it along with customization options.

In conclusion

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