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What is Yeast Extract Powder

Yeast extract powder, a versatile ingredient manufactured by Pioneer, is a concentrated form derived from yeast cells through a process of autolysis, resulting in a potent blend of natural compounds. This golden-hued powder is renowned for its rich umami flavor profile and multifaceted applications across various industries.


Amino Acids15%
Moisture5% max
AppearanceFine powder

Application Areas

1.Umami Enhancer: It contributes to the umami taste, providing a savory and rich flavor profile.

Seasonings and Condiments: Yeast extract is a common ingredient in seasonings, condiments, and ready-to-eat meals.

2.Beverage Industry:

Broths and Soups: Yeast extract can be used to enhance the savory notes in broths, soups, and liquid-based products.

3.Animal Feed:

Livestock Feed: Yeast extract is sometimes included in animal feed for its nutritional value, potentially improving the overall health of livestock.


Microbial Culture Media: Yeast extract can be an essential component of microbial culture media in biotechnological processes.

5.Cosmetics and Personal Care:

Skincare Products: Yeast extract may be incorporated into skincare formulations for its potential benefits, including hydration and antioxidant properties.


1.Flavor Enhancement:

Umami Richness: Yeast extract powder is renowned for its ability to impart a rich umami flavor to food products. It enhances the overall taste profile of dishes, making it a popular choice in the culinary industry.

2.Enhanced Palatability:

Savory Notes: The natural compounds in yeast extract contribute to savory notes, improving the palatability of various food items.

3.Natural Additive:

Clean Label: Yeast extract is often used as a clean label ingredient, providing a natural alternative for enhancing flavor without the need for artificial additives.

4.Amino Acids:

Building Blocks: Amino acids present in yeast extract are the building blocks of proteins, supporting various biological functions in the body.

5.Versatile Applications:

Multi-Industry Usage: Yeast extract's efficacy is demonstrated by its versatility, finding applications in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, animal feed, and more.

OEM Services

1.Custom Formulations:

Pioneer Biotech may offer the development of custom formulations based on the specific requirements and preferences of the client. This could include variations in flavor profile, nutritional content, or other characteristics of the hydrolyzed yeast extract.

2.Quality Control and Assurance:

As a leading manufacturer, Pioneer Biotech is likely to have stringent quality control measures in place. OEM clients can benefit from these measures to ensure that the natural yeast extract meets the required standards and specifications.

3.Packaging Options:

OEM clients may have the flexibility to choose custom packaging options for it. This could include selecting specific materials, sizes, and designs that align with the client's brand and market preferences.


Pioneer Biotech's OEM services may be scalable to accommodate varying production volumes. This is beneficial for clients with fluctuating demand for it.

5.Technical Support:

Pioneer Biotech might provide technical support to OEM clients throughout the manufacturing process. This could involve assistance in formulating the product, optimizing production, and addressing any technical challenges.


Q: What is the shelf life of it?

A: When stored in a cool, dry place, It maintains its quality for up to XX months.

Q: Can it be used in vegetarian or vegan products?

A: Absolutely! It is suitable for vegetarian and vegan applications.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity for OEM services?

A: Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements; we accommodate orders of various sizes.

Q: Is your hydrolyzed yeast extract allergen-free?

A: While the product itself doesn’t contain common allergens, we advise customers to review specific allergen information provided with each batch.

In conclusion

To procure Pioneer’s high-quality yeast extract powder or discuss your specific needs, contact us at

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