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What is Lion's Mane Extract Bulk

Lion's mane extract bulk, derived from the Hericium erinaceus mushroom, boasts a rich composition of bioactive compounds. This extract, meticulously crafted by Pioneer, harnesses the essence of this remarkable fungus known for its potential cognitive and overall health benefits.

Chemical Composition Table

Amino AcidsBalanced
Trace MineralsPresent


AppearanceFine powder
ColorPale yellow
OdorCharacteristic, mild
SolubilitySoluble in water
Moisture≤ 5%
Heavy Metals≤ 10 ppm
Particle Size80 mesh
StorageStore in a cool, dry place

Application Areas

1.Dietary Supplement Manufacturing:

As a key ingredient in dietary supplements, It can be used to create capsules, tablets, or liquid supplements. Its potential cognitive and overall health benefits make it a sought-after component in the formulation of health-focused products.

2.Nutraceuticals Production:

It is often incorporated into nutraceutical products, which are food-derived products offering health benefits beyond basic nutrition. The neuroprotective properties and potential immune-boosting effects make it suitable for inclusion in nutraceutical formulations.

3.Pharmaceutical Research:

Researchers in the pharmaceutical industry may use bulk lion's mane powder in studies exploring its potential medicinal properties. This could involve investigating its impact on neurological health, immune system function, or other areas of interest for drug development.

4.Animal Feed and Pet Supplements:

It might be included in the formulation of animal feed or pet supplements, offering potential health benefits for livestock or companion animals.

5.Traditional Medicine and Herbal Remedies:

In regions where lion's mane has a history of traditional use, the extract can be used in the preparation of traditional medicine or herbal remedies.

6.Research and Development:

Research institutions and laboratories can acquire lion's mane mushroom powder bulk for ongoing studies and experiments, contributing to the understanding of its bioactive compounds and potential applications.


1.Cognitive Support:

It is commonly associated with cognitive benefits, including enhanced focus, memory, and overall cognitive function. It may support neurological health, potentially through its impact on nerve growth factors.

2.Digestive Health:

Preliminary research indicates that It may have positive effects on digestive health, potentially supporting gastrointestinal function.

OEM Services

1.Bulk Extract Supply:

Pioneer Biotech can supply it to other manufacturers, allowing them to incorporate the extract into their formulations. This is particularly beneficial for companies in the dietary supplement, nutraceutical, food and beverage, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries.

2.Customized Formulations:

Depending on the client's requirements, Pioneer Biotech may offer customized formulations of it to meet specific product specifications. This could involve adjusting the concentration, form (powder, liquid, etc.), or other parameters to suit the client's intended application.

3.Quality Assurance:

Pioneer Biotech likely provides quality assurance measures to ensure that It meets industry standards and specifications. This may include testing for purity, potency, and the absence of contaminants.


  1. What sets lion's mane extract bulk apart?

    Our extract undergoes stringent quality checks, guaranteeing potency and purity.

  2. Is this extract suitable for vegetarians/vegans?

    Yes, It is entirely plant-based, catering to vegetarian and vegan preferences.

In conclusion

Pioneer takes pride in swift delivery, ensuring tightly packed shipments that maintain the extract's integrity. With over 80% of our products sold across the United States, the European Union, South America, and Southeast Asia, our global footprint speaks volumes about customer trust and satisfaction.

For inquiries or orders of lion's mane extract bulk, reach out to us promptly at Discover the transformative potential of this natural powerhouse with Pioneer's premium extract.

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