beta ecdysterone bulk powder

Other name: Ecdysone extract /Ecdysterone Powder
CAS NO.:5289-74-7
Specification : HPLC 50%,95%,98%
Application: Aquaculture (50%), Pharmaceuticals (98%), Cosmetics (95~98%)
Paraben free,No Colors
Authenticity Verification
FDA Registered Factory
No Allergen,Non-GMO
HACCP ISO22000 Certified
EU USDA Organic Certified
Kosher Halal Certified
Prompt and Secure Shipment
Ready Stock in Local Warehouse
Prompt and Secure Shipment
Gift Sample Available
Paperwork Supported
Plant Audition Accepted
Online Transaction Accepted
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What is Beta Ecdysterone Bulk Powder

Beta ecdysterone bulk powder is a premium offering by Pioneer, a renowned manufacturer and supplier in the field. Committed to quality and reliability, Pioneer ensures excellence in its product, catering to a global clientele with a diverse range of applications.

Chemical Composition

Beta Ecdysterone95%
Other Phytochemicals5%


The product specifications are as follows:

SolubilitySoluble in  solvent
AppearanceFine powder
Shelf Life24 months

Application Areas

1.Sports Nutrition:

Beta ecdysterone is often used in sports nutrition supplements for its potential role in supporting muscle growth and performance. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts may include it in their dietary regimen.

2.Bodybuilding Supplements:

Due to its association with muscle protein synthesis, beta ecdysterone is a popular ingredient in bodybuilding supplements aimed at promoting muscle development and recovery.

3.Performance Enhancement Products:

Beta ecdysterone may be incorporated into formulations designed to enhance physical performance, stamina, and endurance, making it relevant for various sports and activities.

4.Functional Foods:

Beta ecdysterone can be included in the formulation of functional foods, such as energy bars or drinks, to provide additional health benefits in a convenient form.

5.Health and Wellness Products:

Products focused on overall health and wellness may incorporate beta ecdysterone for its potential contributions to fitness, vitality, and immune support.


1.Muscle Protein Synthesis:

Anabolic Effects: Beta ecdysterone has been investigated for its potential role in promoting muscle protein synthesis, which is essential for muscle growth and repair.

2.Performance Enhancement:

Stamina and Endurance: Some studies suggest that beta ecdysterone may have performance-enhancing effects, contributing to increased stamina and endurance during physical activities.

3.Antioxidant Effects:

Free Radical Scavenging: Beta ecdysterone exhibits antioxidant effects, helping to neutralize free radicals in the body. This may contribute to cellular health and protection against oxidative stress.

4.Metabolic Health:

Blood Sugar Regulation: Some research indicates that beta ecdysterone may play a role in regulating blood sugar levels, potentially benefiting individuals with metabolic conditions.

5.Adaptogenic Properties:

Stress Response: Beta ecdysterone has been studied for its potential adaptogenic properties, helping the body cope with stressors and promoting overall resilience.

OEM Services

1.Leading Manufacturer and Supplier: Pioneer Biotech is positioned as a reputable and leading company in the field, emphasizing its expertise in the manufacturing and supply of it. This suggests that they have experience, capabilities, and resources in producing this particular dietary supplement ingredient.

2.Bulk beta-ecdysterone: The product specified, beta ecdysterone bulk powder, indicates that they specialize in providing this specific compound in a concentrated powder form. This could be a key ingredient in nutritional supplements, particularly those targeted at fitness, bodybuilding, or overall health.

3.OEM Service: The mention of "OEM Service" highlights an additional aspect of their business. OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, services imply that Pioneer Biotech is willing to work with other companies or brands to manufacture it according to their specific requirements.


1.What is it?

It is a natural compound derived from plants, particularly herbs and vegetables.

2.What sets Pioneer Biotech's product apart?

Pioneer Biotech emphasizes the premium quality, natural sourcing, meticulous processing, purity, and effectiveness of it.

3.How is the bulk beta-ecdysterone processed?

The powder undergoes meticulous processing to preserve its potency and efficacy.

4.What industries does Pioneer Biotech cater to?

Pioneer Biotech caters to a global clientele with a diverse range of applications, indicating its suitability for various industries.

In conclusion

Pioneer takes pride in its certifications, including ISO9001, HALAL, KOSHER, and FDA, ensuring adherence to international quality standards. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Pioneer offers fast delivery, secure packaging, and support for product testing.

Over 80% of our products have reached clients in the United States, European Union, South America, and Southeast Asia, solidifying our global presence. For inquiries or purchases of beta ecdysterone bulk powder, contact us at

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