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What is Milk Thistle Extract Powder?

Milk thistle extract powder is derived from the milk thistle plant (Silybum marianum), an herbaceous flowering plant native to the Mediterranean. The extract contains high concentrations of the active compounds silymarin, silybin, isosilybin, silydianin, and silychristin. These compounds exhibit antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and liver-protecting effects that make milk thistle popular in supplements.

Silymarin extract powder is made by extracting the seeds of the milk thistle plant, then drying and concentrating the extract into a fine powder. The silymarin content is usually standardized to 80% to ensure potency. The powder has a tan color and mildly bitter, earthy taste.

As a nutritional supplement, silymarin powder can be easily blended into smoothies, shakes, oatmeal, yogurts, juices and more to boost intake of milk thistle’s beneficial compounds. It can also be enclosed in capsules or tablets for convenience. The versatile powder allows for simple addition to a variety of foods and beverages.

With potent antioxidant activity, silymarin extract powder helps guard against cellular damage from free radicals caused by toxins, pollution, poor diet, stress and aging. The anti-inflammatory effects also promote system-wide wellbeing. But milk thistle is most renowned for supporting liver health and detoxification.

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  • Part: Milk Thistle Seeds Extract

  • Latin Name: Silybum Marianum

  • Extract ratio: 35:1

  • Form: Fine tan powder

  • Solubility: Soluble in water and alcohol

  • Silymarin content: 80%

  • Heavy metals: Meets USP standards

  • Microbial testing: Negative for pathogens

    Packaging: Packed in food-grade drums or foil zipper pouches

    Silymarin Powder Health Benefits

  • Liver Protection:

    • Antioxidant Properties: Silymarin, the active compound, is believed to possess strong antioxidant properties, shielding liver cells from damage caused by free radicals.

    • Detoxification Support: It aids in liver detoxification and regeneration, potentially assisting in managing liver diseases and promoting overall liver health.

  • Anti-inflammatory Effects:

    • Research suggests anti-inflammatory properties, which may contribute to reducing inflammation in various body systems, potentially benefiting skin health and other inflammatory conditions.

  • Potential Cancer Benefits:

    • Some studies hint at its potential in preventing certain types of cancer due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, but further research is required for conclusive evidence.


  • Dietary supplements

  • Nutraceutical products

  • Functional foods and beverages

  • Sports nutrition products

  • Pharmaceutical formulations

  • Cosmetics and skin care products

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Why Choose Us?

As an ISO certified manufacturer, Pioneer Biotech produces the highest quality milk thistle extract powder following strict GMP guidelines. We control every step from sourcing organic milk thistle seeds to delivering the finished powder extract.

Our advanced facilities allow extraction methods that maximize silymarin content. And our stringent testing ensures potency, purity, and safety. Every batch is rigorously analyzed before release.

We offer customized packaging, blending, formulations, and private labeling to meet client needs. Our competitive pricing and excellent customer service make Pioneer Biotech the foremost milk thistle extract powder supplier for businesses worldwide.

Contact us today at to obtain a quote or place an order!


  • What is the daily dosage of milk thistle extract powder?

    For general wellness, 100-300mg of silymarin daily is recommended. Therapeutic doses range from 200-500mg. Consult your doctor for advice.

  • Does milk thistle powder expire?

    Properly stored in a cool, dark place, milk thistle extract powder typically stays fresh for up to 3 years. Buy only recently manufactured batches from reputable suppliers.

  • Is milk thistle safe?

    When used appropriately, milk thistle is very safe for most people. Side effects are rare but may include digestive upset and allergic reaction. Avoid use during pregnancy and lactation unless approved by your physician.

  • Can milk thistle powder be added to smoothies?

    Yes, milk thistle powder blends easily into smoothies, shakes, oatmeal, yogurt and more for a quick supplement boost. The earthy taste pairs well with fruits and nuts.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions on our high quality milk thistle extract powders!

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