organic turmeric extract

Specification: 95%
FDA Registered Factory
Gluten free,no Allergen,Non-GMO
Paraben free,No Colors, BSE/TESE Free
HACCP ISO22004 Certified
EU USDA Organic Certified
Kosher Halal Certified
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Prompt and Secure Shipment
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What is organic turmeric extract

organic turmeric extract refers to a concentrated form of bioactive composites deduced from the turmeric factory that has been cultivated and reused following organic husbandry practices. Turmeric is a flowering factory in the gusto family, and its rhizomes are generally used for culinary and medicinal purposes.

Chemical Composition



AppearanceDark yellow powder
SolubilityWater soluble
Particle size80 mesh
Loss on drying≤ 2%
Heavy metals< 10 ppm
Arsenic< 2 ppm
Microbiological< 1,000 cfu/g


1.Organic and Natural Product Lines:

Companies emphasizing organic and natural product lines may incorporate organic turmeric root extract into their formulations to align with consumer preferences for clean and natural ingredients.

2.Pet Supplements:

The pet industry may utilize it in the formulation of pet supplements, considering its potential health benefits for animals.

3.Flavoring Agent in Culinary Products:

Its distinctive flavor makes it suitable as a flavoring agent in various culinary products, providing a natural and earthy taste.


1.Joint Health Support:

The anti-inflammatory properties of organic curcumin extract extract may contribute to supporting joint health. It is often used by individuals with joint conditions for potential relief.

2.Digestive Health:

Turmeric has been traditionally used to support digestive health. It may help soothe the digestive tract and support overall digestive function.

3,Immune System Support:

The immune-modulating properties of curcumin may contribute to immune system support. It may help regulate immune responses and promote overall immune health.

4.Anti-Arthritic Effects:

Turmeric extract has been studied for its potential anti-arthritic effects, making it a consideration for individuals with arthritis or joint-related issues.

OEM Services

1.Private Labeling:

Pioneer can assist businesses in private labeling their products. This involves designing and creating product labels that reflect the branding of the customer, allowing them to market the organic curcumin extract under their own brand.

2.Custom Formulations:

Pioneer may provide the option for custom formulations, allowing businesses to tailor it to meet specific requirements. This could involve adjusting concentrations, creating unique blends, or incorporating additional ingredients.

3.Packaging Customization:

Businesses working with Pioneer under OEM services may have the opportunity to customize packaging. This could include choosing specific packaging materials, sizes, and designs that align with the branding and marketing strategy of the customer.

4.Quality Control and Testing Support:

Pioneer may offer support for quality control and testing, ensuring that It meets the standards and specifications set by the customer. This collaborative approach to testing can contribute to the overall quality assurance of the product.


Q:Why should I choose it?

A:Explain the benefits of choosing organic, including the absence of synthetic pesticides and the adherence to organic farming practices.

Q:What certifications does it have?

A:Detail the certifications such as ISO9001, HALAL, KOSHER, and FDA, emphasizing their significance in ensuring product quality and adherence to specific standards.

Q:Can I request testing of it? What testing services are available?

A:Clarify whether customers have the option to conduct additional testing and outline any testing services provided by Pioneer.

Q:Is it suitable for dietary supplements?

A:Confirm the suitability of the product for use in dietary supplements, addressing any relevant considerations.

Q:Can I customize the formulation or request a private label for it?

A:Explain whether customization options, such as private labeling or formulation adjustments, are available under Pioneer's services.

In conclusion

At Pioneer, we pride ourselves on being a professional organic turmeric extract manufacturer and supplier. Our products are certified by ISO9001, HALAL, KOSHER, and FDA, and we offer fast delivery, secure packaging, and testing services. If you would like to purchase it, please contact us at

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