freeze dried lactoferrin

Exrtacted From: Bovine milk
Suggested Use: 250mg to 500mg per day
CAS Number: 146897-68-9
FDA Registered Factory
Gluten free,no Allergen,Non-GMO
Paraben free,No Colors, BSE/TESE Free
HACCP ISO22001 Certified
EU USDA Organic Certified
Kosher Halal Certified
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Product Introduction

Freeze-dried lactoferrin is a bioactive protein powder obtained from ox-like milk utilizing progressed freeze-drying innovation. This cycle saves the normal design and bioactivity of lactoferrin, making it an optimal element for different applications in the food, drug, and dietary enhancement enterprises. The immaculateness and nature of our item make it a sought-after decision for organizations looking for premium utilitarian fixings.

Chemical Composition

The following table presents the chemical composition of our pure lactoferrin powder:

Chemical ComponentContent (%)
Lactoferrin95% or higher


Our product is available in various specifications to meet diverse industry requirements. The table below outlines the typical specifications of our product:

AppearanceLight yellow powder
SolubilitySoluble in water
pH (1% solution)6.5 - 7.5
Particle Size100 mesh
Lactoferrin Content≥95%
Loss on Drying≤5%
Heavy Metals (as Pb)≤10 ppm
Total Plate Count≤10,000 cfu/g

Application Areas

It is widely used in the following application areas:

  1. Dietary enhancements: It is a well known fixing in dietary enhancements, as it offers a few potential medical advantages, including supporting the safe framework capability, advancing stomach wellbeing and gastrointestinal equilibrium, giving cell reinforcement properties, supporting iron digestion and retention, and upgrading the wholesome profile of items.

  2. Practical food varieties and drinks: Our item is additionally generally utilized in practical food and refreshment items, including caffeinated drinks, sports sustenance items, and dinner substitution shakes. It delivers unique bioactive properties that support overall health and wellness.

  3. Newborn child recipe: Lactoferrin is a characteristic part of human bosom milk and is fundamental for baby sustenance. Our item is a protected and powerful option in contrast to human lactoferrin, giving similar advantages to newborn child wellbeing.

  4. Drug definitions: Our item is likewise utilized in drug details, including wound recuperating, mitigating, and antimicrobial applications.


The utilization of pure lactoferrin offers a few potential medical advantages, including:

Supporting invulnerable framework capability: Lactoferrin can invigorate the insusceptible framework by expanding the creation of white platelets and antibodies.

Advancing stomach well-being and gastrointestinal equilibrium: Lactoferrin ties to hurtful microbes in the stomach, forestalling their development and advancing the development of helpful microscopic organisms.

Giving cancer prevention agent properties: Lactoferrin has cancer prevention agent properties that safeguard against oxidative harm brought about by free extremists.

Supporting iron digestion and retention: Lactoferrin ties to press, making it more accessible for assimilation in the body.

Upgrading the nourishing profile of items: Our item is an astounding wellspring of protein, adding to the dietary benefit of items.

OEM Services

Pioneer offers comprehensive OEM services. Clients have the adaptability to tweak the item through customized bundling, marking, and detailing choices, guaranteeing that the eventual outcome lines up with their particular necessities and marking prerequisites.


Q: What certifications and quality standards do you offer?

A: We provide ISO9001, HALAL, KOSHER, and FDA certificates, ensuring that our products meet international quality and safety standards.

Q: Can you support customized packaging and labeling?

A: Yes, we offer customized packaging and private labeling services as part of our OEM offerings, allowing customers to create products tailored to their brand identity.


Pioneer is a leading manufacturer and supplier of freeze-dried lactoferrin, offering ISO9001, HALAL, KOSHER, and FDA-certified products. Our commitment to quality, fast delivery, secure packaging, and testing support has enabled us to serve customers in over 80 countries and regions, including the United States, the European Union, South America, and Southeast Asia. If you want to buy Our product, please contact us at As a professional pure lactoferrin powder manufacturer and supplier, we can provide high-quality products, customized OEM services, and global distribution support.

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