bulk turmeric extract powder

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What is bulk turmeric extract powder

The bulk turmeric extract powder offered by Pioneer is a high-quality product derived from the Curcuma longa plant. Our extract is carefully processed to ensure maximum potency and purity. With a vibrant yellow color and a distinct aroma, It is a popular choice in various industries.


Botanical NameCurcuma longa
Active IngredientCurcumin
AppearanceYellow powder
Particle Size80 mesh


1.Functional Foods:

It can be integrated into functional foods, including energy bars, health drinks, and wellness products, to enhance nutritional content and potentially provide health benefits.

2.Supplement Capsules:

The curcumin powder bulk's fast delivery feature makes it suitable for use in supplement capsules. It allows for quick and efficient production of dietary supplements for consumers.

3.Natural Dyes:

With its certifications, It can be employed as a natural dye in the textile industry. The vibrant yellow color makes it suitable for dyeing fabrics in a safe and certified manner.

4.Research and Development:

It can be a valuable resource for research and development purposes, enabling scientists and researchers to study its properties and potential applications across different industries.


1.High Quality:

It is manufactured to meet high-quality standards. The ISO9001 certification ensures that the production processes adhere to rigorous quality management systems.


2.The curcumin extract powder bulk from Pioneer is certified by HALAL, KOSHER, and FDA. These certifications speak to the product's compliance with specific religious dietary requirements, cultural preferences, and regulatory standards, respectively.

Maximum Potency and Purity:

3.Pioneer emphasizes careful processing to ensure the maximum potency and purity of the curcumin powder bulk. This commitment to quality control contributes to the effectiveness of the product.

4.Fast Delivery:

The fast delivery service provided by Pioneer ensures that customers receive their orders promptly. This is particularly beneficial for businesses and manufacturers requiring a timely supply of turmeric extract for their production processes.

5.Secure Packaging:

Secure packaging is crucial for preserving the quality and integrity of it during transportation and storage. Pioneer's commitment to secure packaging helps ensure that customers receive the product in optimal condition.

OEM Services

1.Private Labeling:

Pioneer can offer private labeling services, allowing customers to market the curcumin powder bulk under their own brand. This includes designing and printing labels that reflect the branding of the customer.

2.Customized Formulations:

Pioneer may provide customization options for it, such as adjusting the concentration of active ingredients or incorporating additional components based on the specific requirements of the customer.

3.Packaging Customization:

OEM services may extend to packaging customization. Customers may have the option to choose specific packaging materials, sizes, and designs that align with their branding and marketing strategy.

4.Quality Control and Testing Support:

Pioneer can extend support for quality control and testing to ensure that It meets the standards and specifications set by the customer. This may include collaboration on testing protocols and documentation.


Q:What is bulk turmeric extract powder, and what is it used for?

A:Provide a brief overview of it and its common applications in various industries.

A:What certifications does Pioneer's curcumin extract powder bulk have?

Q:Detail the certifications such as ISO9001, HALAL, KOSHER, and FDA, emphasizing their significance in ensuring product quality and adherence to specific standards.

Q:What quality control measures are in place during the manufacturing process?

A:Explain the steps taken to ensure the maximum potency and purity of it, highlighting any quality control protocols.

In conclusion

Pioneer is a professional manufacturer and supplier of bulk turmeric extract powder. We offer ISO9001, HALAL, KOSHER, and FDA certified products with fast delivery, secure packaging, and support for testing. Over 80% of our products have been sold to various countries and regions worldwide. For all your turmeric extract powder needs, please contact us at sales@pioneerbiotech.com.

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