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What is Ceramide Powder Bulk

Ceramide powder bulk is a cutting-edge cosmetic ingredient renowned for its multifaceted benefits in skincare formulations. Derived from natural sources, this lipid molecule mimics the skin's own ceramides, playing a pivotal role in bolstering the skin barrier and moisture retention. Pioneer, a distinguished manufacturer and supplier, pioneers the production of high-quality bulk ceramide, equipped with certifications including ISO9001, HALAL, KOSHER, and FDA, ensuring premium quality and adherence to international standards.

Chemical Composition Table

ComponentPercentage (%)
Ceramide 120
Ceramide 230
Ceramide 325
Total Ceramides100


AppearanceFine white powder
Purity≥ 98%
Particle Size Distribution20 microns (average)
Shelf Life24 months
StorageStore in a cool, dry place away from direct light

Application Areas

1.Cosmetic Formulations:

Foundations and BB Creams: Ceramide powder may be added to foundations and BB creams for its skin-nourishing properties.

Concealers: It can contribute to concealer formulations, promoting both coverage and skin health.

2.Hair Care Products:

Conditioners: Ceramide powder can be incorporated into hair conditioners to improve the health and appearance of hair.

Hair Masks: It may be used in hair masks to address specific concerns related to hair health.

3.Lip Care Products:

Lip Balms: Ceramide powder is commonly found in lip balms to promote lip hydration and prevent dryness.

4.Pharmaceutical Industry:

Dermatological Medications: Ceramide powder may be used in dermatological medications for various skin conditions.

Topical Treatments: It can be part of topical treatments aimed at promoting skin health and addressing specific concerns.

5.Personal Care Products:

Body Lotions: Ceramide powder contributes to the moisturizing properties of body lotions.

Hand Creams: It is often included in hand creams to prevent dryness and maintain skin softness.

6.OEM Products:

Customized Formulations: Pioneer Biotech may offer ceramide powder for use in customized formulations, allowing clients to tailor products based on specific requirements.

7.Research and Development:

R&D in Skincare: Ceramide powder is valuable in research and development activities to explore and create innovative skincare solutions.


The incorporation of it in formulations delivers an array of benefits:

  • Reinforces the skin barrier, reducing moisture loss

  • Enhances skin elasticity and suppleness

  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles

  • Restores and maintains skin hydration

  • Protects against environmental stressors

OEM Services

Pioneer offers comprehensive OEM services, allowing customization of it formulations to meet specific client requirements. From tailored packaging designs to formulation adjustments, Pioneer ensures flexibility and client satisfaction.


Q: What are the key components in Pioneer Biotech's Rice bran Ceramide?

A: It typically contains various ceramides, including Ceramide 1, Ceramide 2, Ceramide 3, and others, with specific percentage compositions. Pioneer Biotech ensures a total ceramide content of 100%.

Q: What certifications does Pioneer Biotech's bulk ceramide hold?

A: Pioneer Biotech's Ceramide Powder Bulk is equipped with certifications including ISO9001, HALAL, KOSHER, and FDA, ensuring premium quality and adherence to international standards.

Q: Can it be customized for specific formulations?

A: Yes, Pioneer Biotech may offer customization options for clients, allowing them to tailor it formulations based on specific requirements.

Q: Is it water-soluble?

A: Yes, It is water-soluble, enhancing its versatility in cosmetic formulations.

Q: What is the shelf life of Pioneer Biotech's Rice bran Ceramide?

A: The shelf life is typically XX months, ensuring the longevity and stability of the product.


Pioneer stands out as a reputable manufacturer and supplier with a global presence, having distributed over 80% of its products to countries across the United States, the European Union, South America, and Southeast Asia. With swift delivery, secure packaging, and extensive support for product testing, Pioneer ensures a seamless experience for its clients.

For inquiries or orders of ceramide powder bulk, reach out to Pioneer at sales@pioneerbiotech.com for prompt assistance.

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