soap bark powder

Main ingredient: Saponin
Other names: Quillaja Saponaria Extract/Soapbark extract
Appearance: Brown yellow powder
Plant part used:Bark
Country of Origin: Chile,Peru
FDA Registered Factory
Gluten free,no Allergen,Non-GMO
Paraben free,No Colors, BSE/TESE Free
HACCP ISO22000 Certified
EU USDA Organic Certified
Kosher Halal Certified
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What is Soap Bark Powder

Soap bark powder, derived from the Quillaja Saponaria tree's inner bark, is a natural surfactant with a rich history in various industries. Pioneer Biotech, a leading manufacturer, meticulously processes this powder to uphold stringent quality standards and cater to diverse global markets.


Chemical ComponentPercentage (%)
Triterpenoid Saponins4-6
AlkaloidsTrace amounts

AppearanceFine Brown Powder
Moisture Content≤ 5%
Saponin Content (HPLC)≥ 10%
pH (1% aqueous solution)4.5 - 6.0
Particle Size80 Mesh

Application Areas

Cosmetics & Personal Care: It finds extensive usage in shampoos, soaps, skincare, and dental products due to its foaming and cleansing properties.

Pharmaceuticals: It serves as an emulsifier and stabilizer in various medications and supplements.

Food & Beverages: Often utilized in the food industry as a natural emulsifier and foam stabilizer in beverages and food products.


It is renowned for its natural surfactant properties attributed to its rich saponin content. It effectively cleanses, creates foam, and acts as a gentle yet potent cleansing agent in various applications.

OEM Services

1.Bulk Manufacturing and Supply:

Pioneer Biotech likely provides businesses with the option to purchase it in bulk quantities. This ensures a stable and reliable supply for businesses with large-scale production needs.

2.Custom Formulations:

Businesses may collaborate with Pioneer Biotech to create custom formulations of it. This could involve adjusting concentrations, combining it with other natural ingredients, or creating unique blends tailored to specific product requirements.

3.Private Labeling:

Pioneer Biotech may offer private labeling services, allowing businesses to market and sell it  under their own brand. This service often includes customized packaging and labeling according to the client's specifications.

4.Quality Control and Testing:

Ensuring the quality and purity of it is crucial. Pioneer Biotech likely implements stringent quality control measures and testing protocols to meet industry standards. This may involve testing for saponin content, purity, and other quality parameters.

5.Regulatory Compliance Support:

Pioneer Biotech may assist clients in navigating regulatory requirements related to it. This support helps ensure that products comply with industry standards and regulations in the regions where they will be marketed.

6.Research and Development Collaboration:

Collaborative efforts in research and development may be offered by Pioneer Biotech. This involves working with clients to explore new applications, formulations, or delivery methods for quillaja saponaria powder, staying at the forefront of innovation.

7.Supply Chain Management:

Pioneer Biotech likely provides support in managing the supply chain for it, ensuring a smooth and efficient process from manufacturing to delivery.


Q:What is Quillaja Saponaria Extract Powder?

A:It is derived from the inner bark of the soapbark tree. It contains natural saponins and is known for its foaming and emulsifying properties.

Q:Why Choose it from Pioneer Biotech?

A:Pioneer Biotech is recognized as a leading manufacturer known for producing high-quality soap bark powder. The company's commitment to stringent quality control measures ensures the reliability and efficacy of its products.

Q:Can it Be Used in Skincare Products?

A:Yes, It is often used in skincare products for its natural foaming and cleansing properties. It can be incorporated into facial cleansers, body washes, and natural soaps.

Q:Is it Safe for Use in Food Products?

A:It is generally considered safe for use in food products when used in accordance with regulatory guidelines. It is important to adhere to recommended usage levels.

Q:How Can Businesses Purchase it from Pioneer Biotech?

A:Businesses interested in purchasing it from Pioneer Biotech can likely contact the company directly through its official website or sales channels to discuss their specific needs and place orders.

In conclusion

For those seeking high-quality soap bark powder, Pioneer Biotech stands as a reliable manufacturer and supplier. With certifications and a global footprint, our commitment to excellence ensures premium-grade products meeting international standards. For inquiries and purchases, contact us at

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