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What is Wholesale Hydroxytyrosol Powder

Wholesale hydroxytyrosol powder, a potent natural antioxidant, is meticulously manufactured by Pioneer, a trusted and professional supplier in the industry. Extracted from olive leaves, this powder embodies exceptional purity and efficacy, making it a prized ingredient in various applications.


Chemical CompositionContent (%)
Other Polyphenols≤0.5

Application Areas

This high-quality olive leaf extract wholesale finds widespread use in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and food industries due to its remarkable antioxidant properties. Its application extends to skincare formulations, dietary supplements, functional foods, and medicinal preparations.


Renowned for its robust antioxidant activity,It effectively scavenges free radicals, mitigating oxidative stress and bolstering overall health. Its anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits have garnered attention in diverse therapeutic applications.

OEM Services

1.Custom Formulation:

Pioneer Biotech may offer the option for customizing the formulation of it based on the specific requirements of OEM clients.

Clients can discuss desired concentrations, blends, or additional ingredients.

2.Private Labeling:

OEM clients can typically benefit from private labeling services, allowing them to market it under their own brand name.

Pioneer Biotech may assist in designing labels and packaging to align with the client's branding strategy.

3.Packaging Options:

The OEM service often includes flexibility in choosing packaging materials, sizes, and designs for it.

Packaging can be tailored to meet the branding and marketing preferences of the client.

4.Quality Assurance:

Rigorous quality control measures are usually maintained to ensure that it meets high standards.

Certifications and quality assurance documentation may be provided to OEM clients.

5.Flexible Production Capacity:

Leading manufacturers typically have the capability to handle bulk OEM orders with scalable production capacities.

This flexibility ensures that production volume can meet the varying needs of clients.

6.Regulatory Compliance:

OEM services often include guidance on regulatory requirements to ensure that olive leaf extract powder wholesale formulation complies with industry standards.

7.Timely Delivery:

Pioneer Biotech is likely to be committed to the timely delivery of OEM orders, and production schedules can be discussed to meet specific deadlines.


Q: Is Pioneer Biotech's wholesale hydroxytyrosol powder available in wholesale quantities?

A: Yes, if Pioneer Biotech offers wholesale services, customers can inquire about bulk purchasing options, pricing, and minimum order quantities for it.

Q: Can itbe used in the food industry?

A: Yes, It can be used in the food industry as a natural antioxidant. It may be incorporated into various food and beverage products.

Q: Is it suitable for dietary supplements?

A: Yes, hydroxytyrosol is commonly used in dietary supplements due to its antioxidant properties. It can be formulated into capsules, tablets, or other supplement forms.

Q: Does Pioneer Biotech provide third-party testing for it?

A: Manufacturers often conduct third-party testing for quality assurance. Customers can inquire with Pioneer Biotech about their testing procedures and certifications.

Q: What is the recommended dosage of it?

A: Dosage recommendations can vary based on the specific product and intended use. Customers should refer to product labels or consult with healthcare professionals for guidance.

In conclusion

Pioneer, a reputable manufacturer, ensures fast delivery and secure packaging to preserve the powder’s integrity. Over 80% of our products have reached numerous countries such as the US, EU, South America, and Southeast Asia, attesting to our global presence and reliability.

Pioneer Biotech provides exceptional support, offering testing assistance and ensuring customer satisfaction. For wholesale hydroxytyrosol powder inquiries, contact us at sales@pioneerbiotech.com.

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