marigold extract lutein

Appearance: Fine yellow powder
Shelf life: 24 months
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What is Marigold Extract Lutein

Marigold Extract Lutein, sourced from the vibrant petals of marigold flowers, is a natural pigment widely recognized for its powerful antioxidant properties. This extract is renowned for its rich content of lutein, a carotenoid renowned for supporting eye health and overall well-being.


Product NameMarigold Extract Lutein
Botanical SourceTagetes erecta
Active IngredientLutein ≥ 5%, 10%, 20% (Customizable)
AppearanceFine Powder
CertificationsISO9001, HALAL, KOSHER, FDA
ApplicationFood, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics

Chemical Composition

Lutein5%-20% (Customizable)
Zeaxanthin≤ 0.5%
Total Carotenoids≥ 10%
Moisture≤ 5%
Heavy Metals≤ 10ppm

Application Areas

Organic marigold extract finds extensive use in various industries. In the food sector, it serves as a natural colorant, enhancing the visual appeal of products. Within the pharmaceutical realm, it's valued for its role in supporting eye health formulations. Cosmetic applications harness its antioxidant properties for skincare products, promoting skin radiance and health.


  • Eye Health: Lutein, a key component of the extract, is known for its ability to filter harmful blue light and protect the retina. Regular intake may support vision and overall eye health.

  • Antioxidant: The potent antioxidant properties of lutein help combat oxidative stress, safeguarding cells from damage caused by free radicals.

  • Skin Wellness: Incorporating marigold extract into skincare regimes may aid in maintaining healthy and radiant skin due to its antioxidant effects.

OEM Services

1.Bulk Manufacturing and Supply:

Pioneer Biotech likely provides businesses with the option to purchase bulk quantities of it. This ensures a consistent and reliable supply for businesses with large-scale production needs.

2.Custom Formulations:

Businesses may collaborate with Pioneer Biotech to create custom formulations of it. This could involve adjusting concentrations, combining Lutein with other ingredients, or creating unique blends tailored to specific product requirements.

3.Private Labeling:

Pioneer Biotech may offer private labeling services, allowing businesses to market and sell it under their own brand. This service often includes customized packaging and labeling according to the client's specifications.

4.Quality Control and Testing:

Ensuring the quality and purity of marigold flower extract lutein is crucial. Pioneer Biotech likely implements stringent quality control measures and testing protocols to meet industry standards. This may involve testing for purity, potency, and other quality parameters.

5.Research and Development Collaboration:

Collaborative efforts in research and development may be offered by Pioneer Biotech. This involves working with clients to explore new applications, formulations, or delivery methods for it, staying at the forefront of innovation.

6.Supply Chain Management:

Pioneer Biotech likely provides support in managing the supply chain for it, ensuring a smooth and efficient process from manufacturing to delivery.

7.Documentation and Certification:

Providing necessary documentation and certifications for marigold extract lutein, including certificates of analysis and compliance, to assure clients of the quality and regulatory compliance of their products.


Q:How Can Businesses Purchase it from Pioneer Biotech?

A:Businesses interested in purchasing it from Pioneer Biotech can likely contact the company directly through its official website or sales channels to discuss their specific needs and place orders.

Q:Does Pioneer Biotech Provide Certifications for it?

A:Pioneer Biotech may provide necessary documentation and certifications, including certificates of analysis and compliance, to assure clients of the quality and regulatory compliance of it.

Q:Can it be Customized for Specific Formulations?

A:Yes, Pioneer Biotech may offer customization services for it, allowing businesses to create unique formulations tailored to their specific product requirements.

Q:What Sets Pioneer Biotech Apart in the Market?

A:Pioneer Biotech's reputation for quality, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction sets it apart in the market. The company's adherence to industry standards and regulations ensures the delivery of high-quality marigold flower extract lutein.

In conclusion

Pioneer is committed to swift delivery, ensuring products are tightly packed and supported by comprehensive testing. Over 80% of our products have been distributed across various countries and regions, including the United States, the European Union, South America, and Southeast Asia.

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