astaxanthin extract

Effective substance:Astaxanthin
CAS Number:472-61-7
Specifications content: 1%-10%
Detection method: UV/ HPLC
Applications: Cosmetics, food, animal feed and health care
Paraben free,No Colors
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Gluten free,no Allergen,Non-GMO
HACCP ISO22000 Certified
EU USDA Organic Certified
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What is Astaxanthin Extract

Astaxanthin extract, a potent antioxidant derived from microalgae, is a natural compound renowned for its numerous health benefits and diverse applications. Pioneer, a distinguished manufacturer and supplier of it, is dedicated to delivering high-quality products meeting stringent international standards.

Astaxanthin, a carotenoid pigment, stands out for its vibrant red hue and exceptional antioxidant properties. Extracted from Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae, It boasts unparalleled purity and potency. With a robust molecular structure, it effectively combats oxidative stress, promoting overall well-being.

Chemical Composition

Chemical ComponentConcentration (%)
Other Carotenoids1.5%
Total Carotenoids6.5%


AppearanceReddish-orange powder
Assay5.0% Astaxanthin
StorageStore in cool, dry place
Shelf Life24 months
Particle Size20 microns
Heavy MetalsComplies with standards
Pesticide ResiduesBelow detectable levels
GMO StatusNon-GMO
AllergensFree from allergens

Application Areas

1.Salutary Supplements

Astaxanthin is extensively used in the expression of salutary supplements due to its potent antioxidant parcels.

It's frequently included in softgel capsules, tablets, or liquid supplements to support overall health and well- being.

2.Cosmetics and Skincare

Astaxanthin is known for its skin- enhancing benefits, including antioxidant andanti-aging parcels.

Cosmetic and skincare products, similar as creams, serums, and poultices, may contain astaxanthin to promote skin health, reduce wrinkles, and cover against UV damage.

3.Functional Foods

Astaxanthin excerpt can be incorporated into functional foods, similar as energy bars, potables, and snacks.

It adds a natural source of antioxidants to enhance the nutritive profile of food products.

4.Monoculture and Animal Nutrition

Astaxanthin is essential for the saturation of fish and seafood, giving them a vibrant sanguine color.It's generally used in monoculture feeds to enhance the color of salmon, trout, shrimp, and other seafood.


In medicinal operations, astaxanthin may be employed for its implicitanti-inflammatory and vulnerable- boosting parcels.

exploration suggests that astaxanthin may have remedial benefits in addressing certain health conditions.


Some libation phrasings, similar as health drinks and functional potables, may include astaxanthin for its antioxidant content and implicit health benefits.


  • 1.Important Antioxidant

  • Astaxanthin is famed for being one of the most important antioxidants set up in nature. It has the capability to neutralize free revolutionaries, which are unstable motes that can beget cellular damage. This antioxidant capacity contributes to overall health and well- being.

  • 2.Anti-Inflammatory parcels

  • Astaxanthin has demonstratedanti-inflammatory goods, making it precious for supporting common health and reducing inflammation throughout the body. This property is particularly salutary for individualities with conditions related to inflammation.

  • 3.Skin Health andAnti-Aging

  • When used in skincare and ornamental phrasings, astaxanthin contributes to skin health. It helps cover the skin from oxidative stress, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and promotes a more immature and radiant complexion.

  • 4.Eye Health

  • Astaxanthin is known to have implicit benefits for eye health. It may help cover the eyes from oxidative damage, reduce the threat of age- related macular degeneration( AMD), and support overall visual function.

  • 5.Cardiovascular Support

  • Studies suggest that astaxanthin may have positive goods on cardiovascular health. It's believed to contribute to the reduction of oxidative stress, support healthy blood inflow, and promote cardiovascular well- being.

OEM Services

1.Customized Blending:

The company offers customized blending services to ensure the optimal integration of astaxanthin algae powder into different product formulations. This includes precise blending ratios to achieve desired concentrations and efficacy.

2.Product Development Support:

Clients seeking to develop new products or enhance existing ones with astaxanthin can rely on Pioneer Biotech for support throughout the product development process. This includes assistance in selecting the appropriate form of it and determining the most effective delivery methods.

3.Quality Assurance:

Pioneer Biotech maintains rigorous quality assurance standards in the production of astaxanthin extract powder. OEM clients can trust in the quality and purity of the raw materials used, ensuring that the final products meet the highest industry standards.

4.Packaging Solutions:

The company provides flexible packaging solutions to meet the specific requirements of OEM clients. This includes options for packaging design, label customization, and packaging materials to align with branding and market preferences.


  • What is the recommended dosage for astaxanthin extract?

    • Dosage may vary based on intended use and individual needs. Consult a healthcare professional for guidance.

  • Is astaxanthin safe for consumption?

    • Astaxanthin is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) and has a low risk of adverse effects when taken within recommended dosages.

  • Can astaxanthin replace sunscreen?

    • While it offers UV protection, it's not a replacement for sunscreen. Combine both for comprehensive skin protection.

In conclusion

Pioneer takes pride in its commitment to quality, prompt delivery, and global reach. With a substantial portion of our products distributed across diverse continents and a dedicated clientele in the US, EU, South America, and Southeast Asia, we ensure reliable, tightly packed shipments and comprehensive testing support.

For inquiries or purchases of premium astaxanthin extract, reach out to us at Experience the unparalleled benefits of it for your formulations and products today!

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